Youth Music

Guitar Stars

Grades: 1 - 4 | Class Length: 60 Minutes

Become a rock star! No previous knowledge of guitar or music is necessary. The children will learn the fundamentals of guitar playing, including holding the guitar and pick, proper fret-hand finger position, sight reading, playing by ear and playing basic songs. Returning students will be taught chords and other harmony parts to accompany the class. Returning students will also be taught “blues” scales and will be encouraged to improvise with these scales.

GUITAR REQUIRED. A basic inexpensive guitar can be purchased through by searching for “First Act FG127.”

Rock Band

Grades: 6 - 12 | Class Length: 90 Minutes

Welcome to Rootz Rock Band! We are so excited to create an amazing opportunity for our musical kids that have experience and are ready for the next level in a group environment. With the help of our experienced instructors (Todd Kessler, Shimmy Castle and Eli Gold), students will learn the skills necessary for playing and performing with other musicians. Children must have prior experience in their instrument before joining Rock Band.  Accepted instruments include guitar, bass, drums, piano, and vocals. Rock Band students will benefit strongly from having private lessons in addition to their Rock Band Class. Students will be have a great time performing for friends and family on our Rootz stage.

Show Choir: Rootz Rockapella

Grades: 2 - 5 | Class Length: 60 Minutes

Students will have the chance to be part of a singing and dancing performance group!  Working with a director and/or choreographer, students will learn showtunes, jazz standards, and even pop songs, all to be performed at the end of the session.

Solo Singing

Grades: 3 - 8 | Class Length: 60 Minutes

Welcome to the wonderful world of solo singing!  Learning to break free from the mold to sell a song by yourself is one of the most exciting challenges for a young performer.  Whether it’s wanting to prepare for upcoming auditions, shows, or just plain old fun, Solo Singing will give students an opportunity to work on songs to sing by themselves with guidance from their Rootz director and fellow classmates.  All will participate in an end of session showcase, where they will have the spotlight all to themselves to show off their hard work!