Early Childhood Music

Movie Music

Ages: 4 - 6 Years | Class Length: 60 Minutes

If singing brings a smile to your little one’s face, then this is the perfect class!  Students will learn the fundamentals of music and singing set to the tune of some of their movie favorites!  Each week, students will sing and dance along to a new song, all while building their repertoire. The session will end in a small showcase of our choir featuring a selection of some of the songs learned in class.

Music Makers

Ages: 3 - 5 Years | Class Length: 60 Minutes

Children will explore the wonderful world of music, as they are introduced to the concepts of rhythm and musicality through focused listening, instruments, and expressive movement.  Each week, students will partake in activities designed to enhance their understanding of how musical sounds are made and general musical terms. They will then take these skills and create their own music in class!