Youth Enrichment


Grades: 1 - 3 | Class Length: 60 Minutes

In this 60 minute class, students will strengthen their balance, agility, and motor coordination.

Acro will focus on stretching, musicality and building strength while improving your child’s confidence and coordination. Dancers will increase their flexibility and proper placement. So no matter the reason you’re looking to work on these skills, this class will address the acro needs of each student based on their individual needs!

Code Class (Levels 1 and 2): Scratch and Snap!

Grades: 1 - 6 | Class Length: 60 Minutes

Level 1 and 2 is for the novice and younger coder (Grades 1-6). The Coder School Coaches use Scratch or Snap! to teach kids using their project-based game development curriculum that revolves around multiple games developed in either Scratch or Snap. Instruction is provided at the students level and allows for skill advancement throughout the session regardless of their Level. Spring class is appropriate for coders that have already taken the Fall/Winter class and will include new material, or new students are welcome to enroll.  Please contact us if you would prefer 2:1 or 1:1 Code Coaching, which we are happy to provide in the same classroom at an additional cost.

Code Class (Advanced): Introductory Python and JavaScript

Grades: 3 - 8 | Class Length: 60 Minutes

During this advanced class (Grades 3-8) we will use an actual language “Python” used to build websites and other games. This class allows kids to follow a mix of of self-guided platforms and individual projects, with a roaming Code Coach® to help when they get stuck.  Instructor approval is required. This class includes a student to teacher ratio of no higher than 5:1. Please contact us if you would prefer 2:1 or 1:1 Code Coaching, which we are happy to provide in the same classroom at an additional cost.

Games Galore

Grades: K - 2 | Class Length: 60 Minutes

Let’s play! From board games to card games and more, young children can learn and enhance basic skills in the casual and friendly atmosphere of a game. Students can go beyond simply playing games, using their ingenuity to invent games of their own. From honing math skills with Dominoes and Connect Four to exploring the idea of chance with Chutes and Ladders, games improve creativity, memory, academic performance, problem solving skills, social interaction, and concept transfer. Join us for the benefits of unplugged play!

Jedi Engineering with LEGO® Materials

Grades: K - 1 | Class Length: 90 Minutes

The Force Awakens in this introductory engineering course for young Jedi! Explore engineering principles by designing and building projects using LEGO® materials such as X-Wings, R2 Units, Energy Catapults, Defense Turrets, and Settlements from a galaxy far, far away. Create motorized and architectural projects with imagination and engineering to defeat the Empire!


Grades: K - 5 | Class Length: 60 Minutes

Join us on a lego adventure with Beth Weis from Brickology!  Each week is a new project or theme including:  Basic, Trains, Minitalia, Boats, Homemaker, Space, Futuron, UFO, Castle, Fabuland, Belville, Western, Star Wars, Sports, Freestyle, Dinosaurs and much more.

Beth Weis started Brickology in 1992 and has been  teaching classes and offering LEGO enrichment classes throughout the North Shore for many years.  She is excited to share her lego expertise with you!

Robothink Robotics Club

Grades: 1 - 5 | Class Length: 90 Minutes

Join the RoboThink after school robotics club! Armed with motors, sensors, gears and mainboards, students build and play with robot creations of all shapes, sizes and functions. Each session students are introduced to engineering concepts. Students are in turn, asked to apply these concepts to solve challenges, provide solutions to problems and build creative robots in a fun environment. RoboThink offers academically oriented STEM programs focusing on robotics for budding, intermediate or advanced students. No prior experience is required. There are different curricula to adjust for different experience levels.

Safety Town

Grades: K - 1 | Class Length: 90 Minutes

Safety Town is an interactive safety awareness program led by Lisa Panizo. Each week the children will be introduced to various safety issues in a fun and safe environment. We use fun songs to reinforce safety principles and may have some special community guests along the way! Topics vary and may include: pedestrian and traffic safety, fire prevention, personal safety, stranger safety, and more!


Grades: K - 2 | Class Length: 60 Minutes

Habla Espanol? Recent studies have shown that the brain is most receptive to learning a second language before the age of ten. Learning Spanish at an early age will benefit your child well into their future. Join us on a Spanish adventure!


Grades: K - 5 | Class Length: Up to 150 Minutes

Are you looking to extend your day at Rootz?  Stay-N-Play for even more fun. This provides the opportunity for children to develop friendships and foster independent play skills.  Students will enjoy a snack brought from home and have time to socialize and play games. Supervision is provided. Pick up any time before 6pm Monday – Thursday and by 5:30pm on Friday.

TechStars: Comic Book Heroes & On Air with Newsmaker

Grades: 4 - 7 | Class Length: 60 Minutes

Two Great Programs in One! First, transform yourself into an environmental superhero and help solve one of the earth’s biggest problems. Working in teams, you’ll use innovative comic book software, digital art and your own photos to illustrate your solution. Be creative; be inspired; be a hero!

Next get ready to broadcast your News story! Create news videos and share them on your own private Channel! Working in teams, you will construct your own points of view, interviews, and use storytelling to communicate ideas through a webcam and the amazing NewsMaker software. You will learn to use professional features like a teleprompter, subtitling, voiceover videos and images. You can make your videos unique by adding cool costumes, moods and accessories. Calling all budding presenters and TV producers, get ready to shine in the limelight!

TechStars: CSI Super Sleuths & Claymation Cinema

Grades: K -2 | Class Length: 60 Minutes

TWO Great Programs in One! Sherlock Holmes meets the 21st century! Use logic, technology and forensic science to solve mysteries. Work in teams to conduct field investigations and lab analysis. We’ll use fingerprinting, tire tread patterns and much more. No blood, no gore…but excitement galore!

Next. bring out the popcorn! Clay + Animation = Movie Making! Create, build, film and edit your own Claymation animated movie! Working in teams, you’ll create characters out of clay and bring them to life using digital cameras and animation software & techniques. Direct and produce your own box office smash. You’ll be famous when you take home your movie at the end of the session to show your friends and family!


Ages: 4 and up

Rootz offers transportation services from area schools through Uber. A consistent Rootz staff member will arrive at your child’s school in the Uber and will be holding a sign with our logo so the children know who to look for. The Rootz staff member will then help the children into the vehicle, assist with their booster seat (if needed) and make sure they are wearing their seat belt. The Rootz staff member will then ride back in the Uber with the children and then escort them into Rootz.  We will be providing each child with this booster seat. Transportation service requires a minimum of three students per school.