Kidz Fitness


Ages: All Ages| Class Length: 60 Minutes

This class is for anyone who wants to learn tumbling skills, whether it’s for cheerleading, dance, or fun. The tumbling program strives to train and educate students how to safely and correctly perform and advance their tumbling skills. Our experienced and well-qualified instructors provide a positive, encouraging, and safe environment. The athlete will condition and learn body control as well as learn the correct technique for handstands, cartwheels, round offs, bridges, backbends, kickovers, and back walkovers.

Instructors may include: Carly Vadnais, Cathy Jacobson, Christine Bennie

Mommy & Me Yoga

Ages: 1.5-2.5| Class Length: 45 Minutes

Join Movement Junkies for Mommy and Me Yoga!  Mommy and Me Yoga is a supportive, fun-loving, and active yoga class for children and caregivers.  Classes offer poses that encourage and support physical exploration and self-expression. Share in this fun and engaging yoga journey that your child will never forget.   We will explore breathing techniques and yoga poses through creative storytelling, playful exercises, and fun music. Caregivers welcome. Yoga mats will be provided or you are welcome to bring your own.

Instructor: Robin Taxman

Mommy & Me Gymnastics

Ages: 1.5-2.5| Class Length: 45 Minutes

Let’s get moving!  Parents participate in the world of the toddler with movement, music, bubbles, parachute, balls, obstacle courses, and more.  Children will develop gross motor skills to enhance their balance, coordination, and strength while stimulating their mind through highly creative play.  Parents and caregivers will enjoy spending time with their kids in a fun and safe environment. This class allows for both direct instruction and open play time.

This Class will:

  • Develop coordination, strength and balance
  • Enhance confidence and motor skills
  • Encourage independence and social skills
  • Introduce musicality and rhythm

Instructor: Christine Bennie


Ages: 7-12 | Class Length: 90 minutes

Join Fencing with Junior Titans Fencing Club to improve coordination, cardiovascular fitness, reflexes, muscle tone, poise and confidence through the elegant sport of fencing.

The class is led by Maître d’Armes Marek P. Stepien, a competitor in the Barcelona 1992 Olympics Game, USA National Champion and NCAA-coach (NCAA Champion 2011 University of Notre Dame).

Avalanche Ski Club

Rootz is happy to announce that we are partnering with Avalanche Ski Club to offer our customers a discount on Avalanche Ski Club’s membership.  Avalanche Ski Club is the newest Ski club on the Northshore.  They run ski and snowboard trips for kids ages 8-18.  Their mission is to grow the love of the sport and provide amazing and memorable experiences for all members and their families.

Use code “Rootz” for $10 off club registration.