Events at Rootz

Over 20,000 square feet of entertaining space, comprised of:

  • Twelve separate rooms
  • Custom made European-style cafe with quartz tops – Great as a bar or buffet
  • Front desk with quartz tops – Great as bar or buffet
  • Four large designer bathrooms
  • Twenty foot tall exposed ceilings with designer lighting
  • Wide plank floors
  • Front and rear entrances
  • Private parking lot near rear entrance

Banquet Room

3,500 square foot space is accented by thirteen 60″ round chandeliers on dimmers.

Designed to exceed your audio/video needs, it offers:  

  • Professional loudspeakers
  • Sound & Lighting Boards
  • Four Wireless Microphones
  • Video Projector
  • Ceiling mounted stage lights

Cafe / Bar

The custom European-style cafe will be available for your event. It’s quartz tops make a great bar or buffet for your event.

The cafe includes commercial:


  • Ice maker
  • Prep sinks
  • Coffee maker
  • Espresso machine


The facility offers a variety of furniture available for the events:


  • Cafe tables (13) and chairs (46)
  • Classroom tables (15) and chairs (60),
  • Folding tables (6) and chairs (50)
  • Couches (8)
  • 24′ x 28′ x 32″ Tall modular stage with stage curtain
  • 20′ x 8′ x 1′ tall modular stage with stage curtain
  • 32′ slatwall


Rootz offers the following resources to help ensure the event is a success for you and your guests:

  • Party Host to help ensure you are getting what you need from Rootz the day of the event.
  • A barista to operate the coffee maker and espresso maker
  • Cleaning crew to clean up after the event


We maintain a list of recommended vendors that offer catering, rental, entertainment, security, valet, and more.  Our table and chair rentals are through Elegant Presentations, Inc.  If there is a vendor that you prefer to one of ours, we would love to meet with them.

Room Capacities

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, due to our Dance, Theatre, Music, Art & Enrichment Programs, we are open to private rentals on Saturday and Sunday evenings. If there is another day of the week you are interested in, please call us at 224-269-0004 or to see if it is available.

Bookings are all done electronically. We can talk through all logistics or questions over the phone or in person. All bookings will be done electronically through our booking system. Payment can be made this way as well via credit card, however you will accrue the 3% processing fee or we take personal checks.

50% non-refundable deposit is collected at time of contract to secure date and time. Another 25% is due 60 days prior to the event, with final payment due 10 days prior to the event date. If you need to cancel your event for any reason, the deposit can be kept on file for re-booking the event.

For private rentals, the venue is rented out in a 7 hour block of time. 2 hours for set up, 4 hours for event, and 1 hour for clean up. If you are renting individual spaces during business hours, you can rent each room for the amount of time you need the space for, including the time that you need for your decorating. Blocks of time start on the hour. When you arrive at the start of your event, everything Rootz provides will be set up and ready for your event.  Rootz takes care of the room clean up at the end of the booking and does not count this as part of your hourly rental. We are happy to remove anything you would like thrown away but ask that you have your guests, décor, personal items, etc., removed by the end of your time block.

When you book your social event at Rootz, we include the following for no extra charge.  All room rentals include: in-house furniture, tables, chairs, audiovisual equipment (in the Banquet) and wireless microphones (in the Banquet Room). When booking as a private rental, the entire facility is yours to use, including the 10 studios, Banquet Room, and lobby/foyer area.

Our Banquet Room comes with a Projector that projects on the back wall. Wireless microphones, stage lighting and speakers. This sound system has tie in for Ipods, DJs, and bands. Any ambient lighting will be rented through the DJ and will be an additional cost. The Small Theater and most studios have speakers for surround sound. Our facility includes free wifi.

We are here to help you along the planning process, however we can not be your personal event planner. Our Rootz employees are here to help with any of your logistical needs associated with the rental space, as well as working along with your chosen vendors for delivery and the big day. We will have a Rootz staff member here the day of your event to ensure all your building needs are met.  Don’t worry though—we will have all of your tables, chairs, linens and rental equipment (if applicable) set up and ready to go when you arrive!

At Rootz we have an open-vendor policy. You are able to bring in any vendors you would like, including caterers. We do have a recommended list if you would like that help, however you are open to use anyone. The barista is hired through Rootz.  Please ask for the Recommended Vendor list. Please email for the recommended vendor list.

Yes. Rootz provides a prep space that features a sink, refrigerator and counter space. We also provide  a microwave as needed, but our catering prep rooms are not equipped with a stove or oven.